Welcome to the Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen

Bad Frankenhausen - a historic small town on the southern slopes of the Kyffhäuser Hills in the north of Thuringia, a state in the centre of Germany. Just 500 years ago it was the site of a bloody religious war: this was one of the last great battles in the German Peasants’ War of 1525, led by the powerfully eloquent, radical preacher and “prophet of the end of days” Thomas Müntzer.  As a "servant of God against the godless” and a former companion of the Wittenberg reformer Martin Luther, he called for an uncompromising battle against authority, for the erection of a Kingdom of God for the Chosen, meaning the poor common man.

Today, a cylindrical building rises above the city and contains an impressive painting of 14 meters in height and 123 meters in circumference – the panorama painting “Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany”, created by Werner Tübke from 1983-87 in oil on canvas. An imposing work of art with more than 3000 individual figures, it is one of the biggest and most figurative paintings in recent art history.