The design of the museum is based on the use of the Panorama purely as a museum with at its core the monumental circular painting “Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany” by Werner Tübke. 

A significant component is the addition of special exhibitions in the museum which are clearly based on art history themes and contemporary figurative art of international acclaim, which is strongly metaphoric in nature. Appropriate special exhibitions have been organised and presented in the museum since June 1992. 

The museum also has a strong educational aspect which has in all practical respects taken over the procurement of the museum’s contents. The museum’s profile is completed with additional offerings of a wide variety of small artistic events (concerts, lectures, plays, studio cinema with a set annual programme), and this has developed into a unique centre for art and culture both regionally and nationally. In its research and its collection, the museum concentrates predominantly on all the artistic works of Werner Tübke, though it also deals with comparable phenomena in the international art world of both the present-day and the past.